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The conference was a total success and your contribution to the program was critical to that success. Thank you very much for a great session!

Beth S.
Conference Producer
Inc. Magazine

Your seminar generated one of the best turnouts of the year. The feedback was extremely positive. In fact many AMA board members commented that they wished you could have spent even more time reviewing your strategy and marketing insight with us!  I highly recommend your program and thanks again for your enthusiastic presentation!

Dennis M.
Programming Chair
American Marketing Association

Your speech to the group delivered everything you promised. I feel I can speak for everyone when I say the P∙R∙A∙I∙S∙E model of marketing is an excellent model to create a proactive marketing plan that works. You made a complex subject not only easy to understand, you gave us ideas we could take away and use immediately.

Colleen B.
Association of Personnel Consultants

What a wonderful job you did of presenting at our annual event. The “day after” publicity with your speech as the lead story is a written testimonial! Many thanks for sharing important information with our participants.

J. Heath
The Community Foundation