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Personal Coaching Programs

Quick Start

If you are an entrepreneur that needs advice about strategy or help to create a clear and compelling direction for your business, talk to us about Quick Start personal coaching. In a 90-minute coaching session, we can answer questions and help resolve your most immediate business challenges. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Achieve Your Goals, Grow Your Business

For people who want to make serious progress toward achieving specific goals or developing a business plan, ongoing personal coaching is an ideal way to reinforce your commitment and achieve your goals. Monthly, two-hour coaching sessions are designed to help you with strategy, business and tactical planning, or to simply keep you on the “execution track” which is often the Achilles Heel for businesses of all sizes. MarketSmarter Business Growth sessions cover a broad range of topics, such as:

  • Advice about starting a new business
  • How to create a business plan or marketing plan to grow your business to the next level
  • Developing goals and a prioritized action plan to achieve specific targeted objectives
  • How to find the right resources to help you launch your business
  • Developing marketing strategy and tactics to:
    • Find new customers
    • Sell more products and services
    • Expand into new markets

Contact us now to learn how monthly Business Growth sessions can help take your business to the next level. Tell us what you would like to achieve and what your challenges are. We’re eager to help you identify how to best achieve them!

Monique is an expert in her field who is more than a teacher or consultant to her clients, she experiences and shares the clients business vision and partners for results. She has made a huge impact on my business success by helping me create a full marketing plan that re-focused my business model and enabled me to reach my customer base in a new way to increase my revenues and profit. She cares deeply for her clients and inspires us to think out of the box while providing creative ideas and feedback that we might never have discovered on our own. Monique has given me so much value in so many ways, I cannot express my gratitude enough. She should be part of the "toolbox" of expert resources for every business owner!

Lisa Johannes
Marquis Banking Partners

Monique is talented with a powerful approach to marketing. She took her time and really listened. She gave me a focus and always looked at what I would get for what I would spend. In fact many of the ideas cost little or nothing but have had a huge impact for me.

Tyler McCarty
With Business Credit