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Helping Businesses Market Smarter and Create a Culture of Execution

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Services & Training

Proven Processes. Innovative Tools. Knowledge and Expertise.

What strategy will you use to find and keep new customers? Is your company culture described as innovative, aligned and results oriented? How can you increase customer value to be more competitive? These are questions we help you answer.

MarketSmarter's advisory services, training and coaching help companies create growth strategies and thriving, vibrant cultures focused on execution and providing extraordinary value to customers.

  • Strategy Development
  • Marketing and Business Plan Development
  • Improve Customer Experience, Consumer Retention and Loyalty
  • Develop Sales Strategies and Marketing Programs to Improve Customer Relationships and Drive Leads
  • Link Strategy and Operations to Improve Execution
  • Improve Leadership, Collaboration, Alignment and Synergy
  • Dramatically Improve how Marketing, Sales, and Distribution Channels are Measured
  • Positioning/Messaging
  • Improve Company Culture

Real-Time Marketing — Real Results

Real-time planning enables businesses to grow by developing strategy and processes while improving alignment and execution. We help you integrate a roadmap to measure sales and marketing programs that will help you continuously improve results. The bottom line is an enhanced culture that is focused on accountability, continuous learning and improvement.

Contact us today to discuss your challenges, needs and objectives — we’re eager to help you identify how to best achieve them, quickly and easily!

MarketSmarter has several tools that will help you measure and continuously improve.

  • ROI Optimizer:A tool to link and measure all the components of a demand chain
  • Marketing and Sales Program Effectiveness
  • Sales Funnel Analysis
  • Sales Planning
  • …and much more

Let us show you a real-time planning, execution and measurement process. We’ll teach you how to create a marketing or business plan that continuously evolves as your business does.

Our philosophy is to teach as we advise so people can learn and apply new skills to current projects underway. Programs are highly customized to achieve the specific needs of your organization.

Develop a Thriving, Innovative Company Culture

Does your company consistently achieve objectives, attract highly competent workers and have loyal customers who are Raving Fans? We work with companies who desire to have a healthy, thriving, vibrant culture to help them develop leaders, improve collaboration and alignment, and achieve new levels of growth.

  • Organizational change
  • Improve Alignment and Collaboration
  • Integrate Strategy Planning with Operational Reviews
  • Improve How Strategy is Executed and Measured
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Align Sales, Marketing and Customer Service to Increase Customer Value
  • Measure Employee and Customer Satisfaction
  • Develop Programs to Foster Innovation and Leadership

Increase speed to market, improve customer satisfaction and engagement and develop a culture that thrives on accountability, trust, and collaboration.

Get in touch to discuss your challenges and what you would like to achieve.