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MarketSmarter Growth Plan Workshop

Find New Customers, Increase Sales & Profits

In this workshop series, you will learn a proven, flexible approach to sales, marketing and business planning that focuses on results to help you consistently increase sales and profitability while avoiding risk. Our approach to developing marketing strategies and sales and marketing tactics is very different from other consulting firms. Instead of playing the wizard behind the curtain, we want to teach you proven processes you can apply immediately to your business.

We know it’s difficult for entrepreneurs to work ON their business while working in it every day, so we give you easy to use tools and resources…and the mechanisms to help you stay on track. Through personal coaching and regular check-in on your progress, we support you to ensure you achieve your goals. And because you are developing your plan with other entrepreneurs and marketing professionals, you will receive feedback and support from others in the group. Other members act as your board of advisors during the workshop, and when you complete the program, you can become a member of the MarketSmarter Alumni program to continue networking and receiving advice.

Key Benefits of Attending the MarketSmarter Growth Plan Workshop

  • Create customer-driven marketing strategies to get real results—fast
  • Find new customers and improve sales and profitability
  • Learn new tools and techniques to harness the power of social media
  • Proactively predict, measure, and improve marketing and sales results using the ROI Optimizer™
  • Refine your brand and positioning to create a competitive advantage
  • Learn how to improve your company culture and customer experience to vastly improve business results—and get more joy and satisfaction for both you and your employees
  •  Learn and network with other business professionals who provide ideas, support, and guidance
  • Meet in a safe environment to test new products, ideas, and promotions
  • Continue to learn and grow through the MarketSmarter Alumni Network

Groups are small to maximize learning so attendance is very limited. To reserve your spot register now.

Program Includes:

Program Logistics:

Contact us for the next workshop date

We encourage you to bring another person from your company because it increases collaboration, learning and execution. Invite one additional person from your company to attend with you for 50% off the regular fee!  For each additional person from the same company the fee is only $950. If you are interested in training for a team of people in your company, contact us about providing customized in-company training. 

MarketSmarter guarantees you will be satisfied with the program or we will refund your tuition.

Complete the Registration form below or call 720.289.2961 to reserve your place today!

Registration is on a secure PayPal site. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation of payment, as well as an enrollment questionnaire from MarketSmarter.

MarketSmarter Growth Plan Workshop Includes:

  • Seven 2-hour sessions of learning and hands-on marketing and sales plan development
  • Attend a session from anywhere through the convenience of live web-conferencing and audio conferencing
  • Programs are recorded and posted on a member-only site
  • Programs are facilitated by Monique Reece, founder of MarketSmarter
  • Master planning workbook
  • Tools, Templates, Guides, Resources
  • 400-page Book Real-Time Marketing for Business Growth: How to Use Social Media, Measure Marketing, and Create a Culture of Execution
  • Three hours of private consulting and personal coaching
  • Networking and advice from other members to test new ideas and promotions
MarketSmarter Growth Plan Workshop