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Custom Training for Corporate Sales and Marketing Teams

If your goal is to create a marketing plan with your internal sales and marketing team(s), we can facilitate a customized program for your organization. The entire team benefits from learning new skills and a comprehensive process that is aligned with and customized to the needs of your business. Our custom workshops are designed to:

  • Teach you a holistic marketing and sales planning and execution process
  • Improve team alignment and collaboration
  • Learn new tools to increase knowledge of markets, competitors, and customers
  • Learn a process for real time planning that can be continuously updated in order to respond to changing market conditions
  • Immediately improve sales and customer satisfaction

The MarketSmarter Growth Plan Workshop will give your team the tools needed to create a culture for sustainable business growth. Using this highly efficient process, your team will learn as they develop and execute a customer-driven marketing plan. The outcome is more cohesive and engaged marketing, sales and service teams that can achieve immediate results and a long-term competitive advantage.

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Your insight into the marketing process and your ability to bring that knowledge alive for us and for participants was exceptional.  Without your knowledge, determination and energy the completion of these programs would not have been possible.

Joseph L.
Lead Project Manager

The work conducted by Monique was extremely diverse and highly effective. I would recommend Monique to any organization looking for an ‘agent of change’.  Her work ethic, marketing experience, no-nonsense practical, realistic initiatives and persistent follow-through, have helped me turn around the revenue focus of critical divisions within Qwest and Lucent Technologies.

D. Samuels
Vice President

Monique Reece’s expertise brought wonderful changes to both my company and me.  She was instrumental in helping me focus my business and my advertising agency.  When I started working with her 6 years ago, we were a general advertising agency, and did all kinds of work--high technology, education, real estate, retail, and hospitality.  Monique helped us to focus exclusively on one market and today we are the country’s leading brand communications firm in the industry.

D. Miles
Miles Brand

It’s been rewarding to see the growing appreciation at Kodak for what we created. The seminars are terrific programs.

John M.

You went far above and beyond what you agreed to do. You provided knowledge, experience and resources and gave selflessly to meet our deadlines with quality work.

J. Liberti