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Read the text, do the exercises, and get ready to kick butt. Your competition will never know what hit them unless they read this book too.

Guy Kawasaki
Co-founder and author of The Art of the Start

At, our #1 priority is our company culture. Monique explains how culture can drive profitability, and how your internal branding can drive your external branding. Monique shares ways to strengthen and deepen the linkages with your employees, customers, and other stakeholders to create a culture that drives sustainable, profitable growth.

Tony Hsieh

The title of this book might be a mouthful, but there's certainly lots to chew on for any CMO and staff.  In today's hyper-sensitive, viral and virtual markets, annual planning is a pointless exercise. Take Monique's advice, embrace a marketing on-demand model that enables rapid response to ever-changing customer, competitor and business conditions.

Donovan Neale-May
Executive Director
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council

A wealth of approaches, methodologies, concepts and applications on how to develop an effective marketing program in today's confusing and often conflicting marketplace.  Monique Reece has organized her wealth of marketing knowledge and teaching experience into a quick-reading but comprehensive approach to developing a marketing program for almost any organization.  Filled with not just "how-tos" but "whys" and "so whats" "Real Time Marketing" leads you through the 21st century marketing jungle in a proven and sound way.  Learn how marketing can and should be done in today's global, interconnected yet very local marketplace.

Don Schultz
Professor, Integrated Marketing Communication
Northwestern University

In Real-Time Marketing for Business Growth, Monique Reece gives business leaders state-of-the-moment marketing insights, presented engagingly, clearly and cogently. Anyone who takes marketing seriously will devour this book, discovering business enlightenment and reading enjoyment on every page.

Jay Conrad Levinson
Guerilla Marketing series

An excellent extrapolation of the Kaplan/Norton strategy management framework. Linking strategy to execution through plans and measures is the secret sauce.

David Norton
Professor, Co-author of The Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Maps
Harvard Business School

There is a rule in football that says, 'Never, ever out kick your coverage. If you do, your team could find themselves at a competitive disadvantage. The same holds true for marketing and sales. Marketing can easily out kick the sales coverage. In Real-Time Marketing for Business Growth, find out how to maximize that thin line between the two and stay ahead of the competition forever.

Jack Stack
President and CEO
Springfield Re-manufacturing

This process enables you to go through the seven R's of business development quickly and efficiently. These seven R's—Reorganization, Reengineering, Restructuring, Reinventing, Rethinking, Reevaluating, and Regaining Control—are the keys to growth and profitability in the competitive markets we face today.

Brian Tracy
Chairman and CEO
Brian Tracy International