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Our Philosophy

Diagnosis before Prognosis

If a doctor prescribed a solution before he or she made a diagnosis, it would be called medical malpractice. The same is true with marketing. Prescribing recommendations before understand your current situation is marketing malpractice, yet it happens too often. MarketSmarter believes in assessing what you want to achieve and your unique situation—resource and budget restrictions, target market, customer base, results of past campaigns—before we ever propose a recommendation.

We Help Organizations Help Themselves

Education and training is built into our process and very much a part of our core beliefs. Our goal is to teach you as we work with you to implement the best practices that work, rather than playing the role of the wizard behind the curtain. Through education, training, and hands-on advice — at the level and pace that you determine—we assess your individual needs and opportunities, and teach you proven practices to enable you to create strategies for continuous, profitable growth.

We specialize in facilitating programs for sales, marketing and service teams to help you learn as you apply new concepts to current projects underway.  All programs are highly customized to achieve the specific needs of your organization.

Programs include marketing planning, customer loyalty, branding, culture and change, creating a culture of execution, and many other topics. Learn more

Check out the list of program topics, or email Monique and let her know what you are interested in having your teams learn and accomplish.

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and eats for a lifetime.”