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The Science of Facebook

People have profiles, brands have pages. This is just one word of advice from the research presented at the Science of Facebook webinar hosted by Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarella, and Hubspot, an Internet marketing firm.  I learned a few new facts about Facebook, and other statistics solidified trends in areas like demographics. Here are just a few of the facts Zarella shared:

  • Video is more popular on Facebook than Twitter. Create a gadget people can easily share so they can express their affinity for a brand and customize their own experience. And of course the cooler you make users look, the more your brand message will spread.
  • The correlation between age and how people use Facebook is interesting. 20 year olds use Facebook to be social while those a decade older like to focus on interests. Adjust your use and content to your target audience.
  • Facebook already does a good job of providing demographic data (which is why we know users skew female and females make more posts—no new news here. But as Facebook grows in popularity, new software firms are cropping up to help you measure metrics and demographic information. Quantcast (a tool I haven’t used yet) is a free service and will help you understand the demographics of your audience. 
  • This one surprised me: Don’t use buzz words, especially words like SEO, optimization, productivity and branding. Do you agree? I would love to hear your thoughts on this one. No one likes jargon, but for people in some businesses, especially those in social media, it’s hard to avoid.
  • People like facts and specific numbers, therefore information and articles with numbers is shared more often. 
  • The best day to share content is Saturday. Why Saturday? Because people have more free time to connect with family and friends on weekends.
  • Social proof spreads viral messages. The more people “like” your content, the more they recommend and share, which fosters greater trust in you and your brand.
  • Regarding the all important issue of content, on Facebook, the friendlier the better. People expect more of a conversation on Facebook than other social networks. 

Click here to download the slideshow and learn more.